This blog was created to celebrate the talents and musical legacy of Elliot Easton. I started it as my way of honoring, documenting, and non-commercially promoting him. I love to glean information from others, and I enjoy engaging in lively discussions, so feel free to comment and share. I won’t tolerate disrespectful or crude comments; they will not be approved for posting.

I also completely accept the fact that I don’t know it all, and I am apt to make mistakes. If you have any wisdom, insights, or corrections for me please feel free to share!

Several articles concerning The Cars are adapted from my original writings for my blog on Benjamin Orr. No need to recreate the wheel!

Any and all media I post I have found on the internet or through reliable sources, and I use it with good faith that it is fair game and falls under the protection of Fair Use. If there is anything I shouldn’t be using please let me know.

As for lyrics, I usually transcribe the lyrics according to what I actually hear the singer say in the song, not necessarily by what is printed out there in the world. Sorry if this is annoying; I just like to sing along.