In the studio with Billy Sherwood!

Billy Sherwood is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, engineer, producer, songwriter, and former bassist for the band Yes (among many other projects). In 2005, he organized a tribute to Pink Floyd’s album, The Wall. Billy gathered up a bunch of successful musical artists and had them cover each song from that iconic 1979 release, and put the results out on an album called Back Against the Wall. The roster of talent involved is highly impressive: Keith Emerson, Tommy Shaw, Aynsley Dunbar, Fee Waybill, Ronnie Montrose… the whole group is listed here on wikipedia. What a kick those recording sessions must have been, huh?

Elliot blistered the CD with his lead guitar playing on track #9 — a cover of “Young Lust,” with Glenn Hughes on vocals and a stellar band (bassist Tony Franklin, drummer Aynsley Dunbar, guitarist Bob Kulick, and Billy on keyboards). I’m not a huge Pink Floyd fan myself (don’t throw things at me!) but this is a great version of a cool song. Sending out a kiss of thanks to my dear friend Vanessa H for putting it on my radar!

Here is the cover version (a link to the original is below in case you want to compare).


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