On the “Golden” Screen


Elliot Easton & Whoopi Goldberg on the set of Disney’s Golden Dreams, 2001

In 2001, The Walt Disney Company opened its Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California. Unlike the original Disneyland park, this extension was themed after the history and culture of the state of California, and was intended to appeal to adults. As one of the featured attractions for this new park, Disney created a short documentary to be played in the on-site theater. It ran from opening day, February 8, 2001, until it’s final public screening on September 7, 2008.

Whoopi Goldberg starred in the role of Califia, Queen of California. As the narrator, she walks the audience through the major historical milestones of the growing state, from the presence of the earliest native people to the technological dreams of Steve Jobs. I’ll post a link to the complete 23 minute film below… are you wondering why yet?

Well, get this:

Though he is not listed anywhere in the IMDb credits for the film, I read this little gem in Martin Guitar’s “Sounding Board” newsletter, dated January 2001, describing Elliot’s role in the production.


How crazy-cool is that? How I would have loved to hear him ‘barrage her with Beatles ballads until she swooned’ — lucky lady! Elliot says of the experience, “Whoopi wasn’t in a great mood that day so I started serenading her with all kinds of folkie stuff, Beatles songs, oldies, whatever. She got into to it, singing all the words and was starting to cheer up. The director saw that I put her in a good mood, so they put me up front all day in a two shot with Whoopi Goldberg! Originally I was just gonna be sitting under a tree, pickin’ guitar. She also proposed to me that day. I politely demurred.”

Oh well, at least we get to see him doing his thing, all hippied out. I have a feeling he enjoyed his little part in this, short though it was. See his clip here:

Click here to watch the full-length Disney film:


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